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    1. Our Bohemian curly hair has the fullest density and is the tightest curl pattern we carry. The defined curls are soft to the touch and alluring to the eyes.  Dreaming to achieve the big hair, don’t care dramatic look?  This texture is for you! Just brush out the curls with a padded wig brush and you’ll have it. Co-wash with conditioner, air dry, and the curls will bounce back. Each bundle is 3.5 oz.
    2. Curly textures tend to get dry and require more maintenance.
    3. Curly textures are easier to manage when wet.
    4. Use finger & wide tooth-comb to detangle from tip to root.
    5. We recommend co-washing the bundles with conditioner, and let the hair air-dry.
    1. Raw Unprocessed Indian hair

    2. 100% Virgin Hair

    3. Cuticles intact

    4. Double stitched machine wefted
    5. Thoroughly washed & cleaned
    6. Minimum-to-No shedding
    7. Tangle Free
    8. Natural Black/Brown
    9. 3.5 oz per bundle (unless otherwise noted)

    10. Can be washed, curled, dyed, and bleached (Consult with a professional for coloring services)
    11. All wavy bundles can be straightened and will return to it’s natural texture when wet or a mild wave when washed.
    12. Your bundles can last for a long time if properly cared for.  Our Belles typically use the hair for 6 month to 1 year.  Bundles that have been colored or bleached typically have a shorter life span.
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