About Us

Why Bundles Your Way?

Bundles Your Way was created out of LOVE and PASSION for quality extensions. 

The owner,

BundlesYourWay owner

Natalie Agboyibor lives by the principle “Quality over Quantity”, in all aspects of life; but when it comes to extensions, she believes a woman should have the best quality hair and the option to change her look as often as she wants.  As a consumer for over 10 years, Natalie spent countless hours every few months researching reputable vendors and suppliers looking for the best quality hair with reasonable pricing because it was time for a “new look”, and she wasn’t 100% satisfied with her previous purchase; whether it was the quality of hair, outrageous pricing, or poor customer service.  As you can imagine, she’s had her fair share of good & bad bundles over the years.  Through her countless experiences, research, and knowledge; she brings you luxurious quality bundles at affordable prices; backed by exceptional customer care and services.  

Luxury + Quality x Affordability = Bundles Your Way